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consulting / supervision coaching

It is an honour for me to support other professionals in their journeys to create a practice that reflects who they are and the people they want to help. As an educator, I enjoy providing opportunities to engage in processes of learning and unlearning that contribute to the wellbeing of ourselves and those we support in our work.

my approach:

My research focus during my studies surrounded racial and institutional trauma, liberation-centred practice, intersectionality and anti-racism. A large area of focus for me was how mental health practitioners can move beyond a focus on coping with racial trauma and systemic anti-Blackness, when supporting Black people, and towards healing, resistance and liberation. Through my consulting work, my goal is to support practitioners in their own work, as they explore these concepts and others related to marginalized identities, to help create safe(r) therapeutic spaces. Also, as practitioners we are often in a helping role, which can lead to us not tending to ourselves. Consulting / supervision can be a great opportunity to centre on yourself, your work and what matters to you.


I provide consultation / supervision coaching services to other mental health professionals wanting to:

- Learn how to recognize and address racial and institutional trauma in clients in liberatory ways, and generally address issues surrounding race, sexuality and gender identity.

- Explore their own biases in a non-judgmental, compassionate space and how it may be showing up in their work.

- Be supported with navigating compassion fatigue / burnout.

- Start their own private practice as a social worker in Quebec.

- Others! Please reach out for details.

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